Given the nature of medical equipment and consumable business, we do not anticipate frequent returns as buyers and sellers tend to agree on detailed features and specifications prior to committing to a transaction. However we have put in place the following measures to safe guard the interests of both our buyers and vendors:

  1. We do allow returns upon inspection of items delivered. Buyers should also note that sellers return policy also influences the overall return policy for different items
  2. A number of our items, especially those with high ticket sizes can be purchased by first placing a down payment (typically 10 to 15%) . This is intended to offer the vendor sufficient confident to process an order.
  3. Buyers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect items when they are delivered/shipped as well as post installation (as is often the case with medical equipment). Where there are immedicate discrepancies, we advise buyers to raise the issue with the respective vendor for remedial action. The same should also be noted on our system. In instances where buyers may feel aggrieved, we recommend that they reach out to us whereby we will engage in relevant dispute resolution mechanisms

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